The Negroni

4 The Negroni

28.0 % ABV | 0.7 literGin, Italian bitters, red vermouth
Contains sulfites and artificial colourings
Makes 14 drinks / 50 ml

Ready to drink
With organic orange zest, organic orange flavour
In gift box

Made in Germany


(99.86  / l)

We have Frosco Scarselli from Florence to thank for the NEGRONI. Without his serendipitous creation we’d have had one classic aperitif cocktail less on our menu. Fortunately for us, 1920 Scarselli served his regular guest Count Camillo Negroni a twist on the Americano, by substituting the soda with gin. The Count was impressed. And we are too! This composition of gin, Italian red bitter liqueur and Italian vermouth is best enjoyed from a tumbler filled with ice cubes and garnished with orange zest.