Beyond the mainstream.

The avant-garde movement from the 1920s rejected the mass culture produced by industrialisation. It always strived for the new and unusual, against the mainstream. Avant-garde artists are pioneers with their works and ideas, and are often characterised by anti-traditional, aesthetic innovation with initial unacceptance.


From our spirit – to your convenience.

Our high-quality standards are primarily reflected in the content of the products – the spirits. We created our own spirits and have them produced by small, owner-managed distilleries in France, Italy and Spain using the very finest ingredients, because only quality, authenticity and provenance count.


By people for people.

The firm’s key features are a great team of loyal and enthusiastic members who share the same values like the founder. Some people have a talent for sensing this level of quality like our customers who live in the here and now. They have style and simple tastes: they want nothing less than the best – just like us.

ASC Signet

The Story

Born in New York
Made in Germany
Our founder envisioned high quality classic cocktails with the avant-garde essence. He dreamt of creating complex and refined spirits that would enhance everybody’s experience.

Our founder, who is also the creative director of the brand, worked in the gastronomy business for more than 25 years. He owned one of the most successful tapas bars in Cologne, Germany. He was named to be the bar that carried the biggest variety of liquors. He then entered into academic world to learn more about the soulful world of alcoholic beverages.

Our founder got inspired drinking his freshly made cocktail at a speak-easy in Manhattan in September 2012. He then decided to revive the classic cocktails that would offer the same depth of flavour as a freshly made luxury cocktail by procuring the best ingredients all around the world. He wanted everyone to consistently experience the luxury trapped in a bottle. He created his brand in Germany in 2013 after he returned from New York City. He travelled to France, Italy, and Spain to procure the best ingredients and to build strong and long-lasting relationships with craftsman and craftswoman who shared the same values with him.

AVANTGARDE SPIRITS now delivers artisanal classic cocktails to people all around the world.

Bohemian Drinks

Avantgarde Spirits’ premium cocktails are served at Luxury Hotels in Paris, London, Milan, Barcelona, Zurich, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more beautiful places in the world – and maybe soon at your place…

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