The Vesper

7 The Vesper

40.0 % ABV | 0.7 liter
Gin, vodka, French wine-based aperitif
Contains sulfites
Makes 14 drinks / 50 ml

Ready to drink
With organic lemon zest, organic lemon flavour
In gift box

Made in Germany


(85.57  / l)

The VESPER is a James Bond original named for one of the spy’s love interests, Vesper Lynd. “I think I’ll call this cocktail Vesper,” Bond said to Vesper. “Because of its bitter aftertaste?” she asks. “No, because once you’ve tasted it, you won’t drink anything else.” Author Ian Fleming gave us Bond and he also gave us this cocktail of gin, vodka and a French aperitif wine, which he invented in 1953 for his fictional British secret service agent in “Casino Royale”. And 007 is not the only one who prefers it served in a chilled martini glass, garnished with lemon zest.