Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.

With our BOHEMIAN DRINKS you can get the perfect cocktail not only at a premium bar in London, New York or in Tokyo – but also at home, without having to think about the day of the week, opening hours or the skill of a bartender. You will not miss freshly made drinks if you try BOHEMIAN DRINKS. Our cocktails are better. We only use the best spirits and natural ingredients. And inside our thoughtfully designed bottles, these ingredients fuse well and offer superior taste. Our cocktails get better and better with time. It is no different than a beautifully aged wine. Why you should try it? Because you have something to celebrate. Because it’s the perfect moment. Or just because you feel like it.

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AVANTGARDE SPIRITS is bringing the premium bar to you.

Each of our BOHEMIAN DRINKS in RTD box comes with a unique garnish – citrus slices and a citrus spray, in orange or lemon. It epitomise what AVANTGARDE SPIRITS is all about: the perfect ready-to-drink cocktail – anywhere and at any time. On the rocks or straight up – no twist needed, just spray, sip and savour the aroma.

Expand your horizon with our consistently high-quality drinks that will always taste the way they should. Cheers!

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less ordinary.

In a world where the possibilities have become endless, we feel it’s time for a little refinement. That’s why, with our unique spirits, we offer only selected equipment from exceptional manufacturers around the world.
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