Our Commitment

Climate change, air pollution, and waste problems represent just a fraction of the challenges burdening our planet, demanding alternative and effective solutions. As a company reliant on raw materials, AvantGardeSpirits deeply comprehends the significance of environmental preservation and acknowledges its responsibility to the planet. In pursuit of mitigating our environmental footprint while ensuring sustainable production, we emphasize our dedication to honoring the Earth and its resources. Through our developmental endeavors, we advocate for a more conscientious approach to conducting business, firmly committed to fostering a sustainable future.

The Materials

A Review

When we started developing the miniatures in 2015, we firstly opted for glass, a material that by its very nature can be recycled an infinite number of times. Second, we chose a plasticiser-free resin for the screw caps of our bottles. This material corresponds to the early hard plastic Bakelite, which was widely used in the early 20th century.

Considering alternatives for hygienic bottle closures, aluminum lids with plastic interiors were another option. However, our decision at that time favored the synthetic resin variant for several reasons. Firstly, compared to aluminum, this synthetic material was less polluting both in production and recycling. Secondly, achieving hygienic and secure screw caps for bottles was feasible only with these two materials. As Bakelite was widely used in the 1920s and given the renaissance of classic cocktails at the time, this was a suitable solution for our miniature bottles. And last but not least, our choice was also influenced by the design. In collaboration with an Italian manufacturer, we developed a closure that met all requirements.

The Present

Our company is committed to a continuous enhancement process for our products and their packaging, focusing on advancing their environmental friendliness incrementally. We regularly introduce new raw materials into our range while phasing out others.

Our quality benchmarks prioritize packaging that is both effective and sustainable. This encompasses not only the utilization of recyclable materials but also emphasizes the potential for personal reutilization.

We exclusively manufacture our packaging in Europe, avoiding lengthy and environmentally detrimental transportation from low-cost third-party countries.

Glass holds a special place in our materials selection! Our bottles are crafted in European glassworks that actively strive to minimize energy consumption. This includes employing recycled glass, transitioning raw materials, optimizing both product and packaging design, and utilizing low-carbon furnaces.



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